The Rock Tour

A Geological Walking Tour

Few places in the world offer better exposure to the greatest geological mystery of all time.

You don’t need a pack mule or backpacking equipment to experience what is usually buried beneath thousands of feet of sediment, at Glen Eyrie you just need good walking shoes.

Aristotle marveled at the mystery long before Christ as this discussion has been in the works for centuries. Will you join the conversation?

Place your hand on what is most likely the boundary between pre-Flood world and deposits from The Flood itself. Consider the largest discontinuity in the entire rock record. Marvel at the sandstone spires and fins that grace the Glen Eyrie property as you discover how the rocks are telling the same story Scripture proclaims.

Renowned for its breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere, there’s no wonder why Glen Eyrie is a sought-after destination from people all over the world! But there’s more to the awe-inspiring grounds than just a Castle and wild Bighorn sheep, The Glen is uniquely situated at the base of Queen’s Canyon for an unmatched view of dramatic layers of exposed rock… and these rocks are crying out to be heard.

Join us for Glen Eyrie’s Rock Tour and be inspired like never before! This guided tour will take you across the Glen Eyrie property on an exploration of the physical evidence of a global flood. Led by knowledgeable guides, you will have the opportunity to discover and connect with the Biblical truth of Scripture through geological discussion.

Perfect for school groups and small groups, you won’t want to miss this seasonal Tour.

To request more information, please call 719-272-7757.

Your Rock Tour will include an exploration of:

  • Evidence that an ocean once stood above the continent, including fossilized imprints of ocean-dwelling creatures
  • Unique views of a sudden, world-wide change in earth conditions, known to all geologists as The Great Unconformity
  • Exposure to rock strata at The Glen that extends continent-wide and beyond, demanding an explanation for this world-wide phenomenon
  • The distinct formations of Lyons Sandstone, showing evidence of deep, fast-moving water
  • Views of the most dramatic mountain uplift in the history of the Western U.S., signaled by a singular upheaval of the earth’s crust

Private Tours

The Rock Tour is perfect for school groups, church groups, or other educational associations. Private Rock Tours require 7 or more people in order to be scheduled.  Please call 719-272-7757 for details and availability.

Public Tours

For groups of 6 people or less, we offer a public rock tour most Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. with 48 hours’ notice throughout the summer months.  Please call 719-272-7757 for details and availability.


Where are the Rock Tours located?

The Tour begins at the Glen Eyrie Carriage House, from which your Tour guide will lead you to a series of geological sites on the property.

Is there a minimum group size?

Private Rock Tours require a minimum of 7 people in order to be scheduled. If your inquiry is for less than 7, please consider signing up for a public tour offered most Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.

What if the weather changes?

Rock Tours are subject to favorable weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, Glen Eyrie Management will determine whether the Rock Tour may proceed. If a Rock Tour is cancelled due to weather, Glen Eyrie will attempt to reschedule the reservation. Weather cancellations will be made by 8am on the day of your Tour.

How much does the Tour cost?

The Tour is $9.00 per person. Guests age 5 and under may attend at no charge.

All reservations for Rock Tours must be paid in full at the time of the reservation.
Reservations may be made via phone with a credit card or in person with cash, check or a credit card.

What should we bring?

Guests are encouraged to wear good walking shoes, comfortable clothing, sunscreen and a hat. You may also want to carry a bottle of water.

Where should we park?

There is ample parking at the Carriage House where the Tour starts. The Carriage House is also the location of our Guest Services team, Public Restrooms, Bookstore and Coffee Shop.

Can we have lunch while at Glen Eyrie?

Yes, depending upon the size and needs of your group it may be possible to add a private lunch or box lunch to your visit by coordinating this with your private group reservation.

For groups smaller than 7 guests, you may also consider enjoying lunch in our Bookstore and Coffee Shop located at the Carriage House (outdoor seating only, so this option will be weather permitting). Our Coffee Shop and Cafe serves sandwiches, paninis and flatbread pizzas.

Is the Rock Tour handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, because of the various terrain throughout the property, the Rock Tour is not wheelchair or scooter accessible.


All reservations for Rock Tours must be paid in full at the time of reservation. Reservations may be made via phone with a credit card or in person with cash, check or a credit card. Cancellations made prior to 9am on the day before the scheduled tour will be made without penalty. Cancellations made after 9am on the day before the scheduled tour will be charged the full amount of the reservation. No-Shows will be charged the full amount of the reservation.