Creation Tour

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Creation Tours available for Private Groups in 2015

"An amazing adventure...unique opportunity..." 
          -Henry M. Morris III (CEO, Institute for Creation Research)

We are excited to offer a unique and inspiring tour to those who desire to learn more about geology, history and the mystery of creation. 

Glen Eyrie is a remarkable destination that reflects the glory and majesty of God as seen in his creative handiwork that seen in the surrounding landscape towering rock spires, layered rock, rolling greens and a blue Colorado sky.

Our Creation Tour is a 90 minute walking tour of the breathtaking Glen Eyrie grounds and its fascinating geological markers.  It is a look back though time examining land and rock, strata and earth impacted by the hand of God, water, wind and sun.

  • Why creationists believe the theory of human evolution is lacking
  • How the towering rock "fins" of Glen Eyrie were uplifted


  • See the canyon and all its wonders   

  • Take photos of the Glen and her geologic monuments    

  • Linger in the majesty of God's creative work

Where is the Creation Tour located?
The Tour begins at that Glen Eyrie Carriage House and leads you to multiple locations on the property where the history of creation is seen.  The tour ends at an outdoor amphitheater allowing for rest and Q&A

When are the tours?
The Tours can be scheduled any day between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm.  This is based on availability.  Glen Eyrie may not be able to host tours for a variety of reasons.  Tours may be cancelled at the discretion of Glen Eyrie management at anytime due to weather or other Glen Eyrie business activities.

How much are the tours?
The tours is $12.00 per person.  Guests age 5 and under may attend at no charge.
We require a minimum of 10 paying guests to schedule a private tour.
All tours require payment at the time of reservation.

What should we bring?
Guests are encouraged to wear good walking shoes, comfortable clothing, sunscreen and a hat. 
You will also want to carry a bottle of water.

Can we have lunch while at Glen Eyrie?
Yes, depending upon the size and needs of your group it may be possible to add a private lunch or box lunch to your visit.  From groups smaller than 12 guests you may also consider enjoying lunch in our Palmer's Grounds Cafe located at the Carriage House (outdoor seating only, so this option will be weather permitting).

How do I reserve my space?
Please call our Creation Tour reservations line at 719-272-7758

We don't have 10 people in our party, can we reserve space in a public tour?
At this time we are not hosting any public Creation Tours that would be available for groups smaller than 10 guests.