Creation Tour

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Creation Tour
Prepare to be amazed!

Our Creation Tours will resume on May 1, 2015

We will be offering tours on:
Tuesday through Saturday at 10:00am-11:30am

Cost is $12.00 per person over the age of six years.

Call 719-265-7050 to make a reservation

Private Creation Tours: (minimum of 10 people required)
any day of the week between 9am and 3pm
Call 719-272-7758

"An amazing adventure...unique opportunity..." 
          -Henry M. Morris III (CEO, Institute for Creation Research)

The Creation Tour is a 90-minute walking tour, inviting you and your family or group to explore Glen Eyrie's breathtaking grounds and its fascinating geologic markers of creation and the biblical flood. 

The tour includes a creation video intro, a walking tour to see the geological wonders on our campus, thought-provoking discussion and extra time for optional questions at the conclusion of the tour. 

Adventure meets history with this unique and amazing tour! Participants will hear and see truths revealed about the Great Flood described in the book of Genesis. The towering stone monuments and immense tilted sedimentary layers give dramatic evidence to the biblical truths regarding the young Earth that God has given us. 


  • Why creationists believe the theory of evolution is unfounded    
  • How the towering rock "fins" of Glen Eyrie were uplifted


  • See the canyon and all its wonders   

  • Take photos of the Glen and her geologic monuments    

  • Linger in the majesty of God's creative work


“The Creation Tour at Glen Eyrie is an amazing adventure through the geological evidence of God’s fingerprints on his creation and dominion. The formations found there are unique on earth for their close proximity and dramatic upheaval that one can see, touch and believe. Walking the tour at beautiful Glen Eyrie is a delight. Dave and Mary Jo Nutting of the Alpha Omega Institute, who spearheaded the geologist team behind the tour, are long-time friends of the Institute for Creation Research. Tour participants will find their knowledge of geology to be refreshingly solid and easy to understand. I would encourage anyone interested in these foundational issues to participate in this unique opportunity.”
Henry M. Morris III
CEO, Institute for Creation Research

All guests are encouraged to bring bottled water, wear sun screen and a hat

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