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Flood Update

Cleaning Up

As you know, the September rain storms that affected Colorado had a massive impact on Glen Eyrie.  Seven inches of rain fell on Glen Eyrie and Eagle Lake, over 3 days.  The rain storm deposited approximately 7,000 tons (500 dump truck loads) of decomposed granite on the lower half of the Glen Eyrie grounds.

None of our buildings were significantly damaged, just basement flooding.  Our roadways and entrance bridge sustained some damage, but we were able to reopen after a four day closure.

Our new reality is the challenge of removing debris from our property and the major project of restructuring our channel to ensure the safety of our grounds from future storms, due to the increase run-off post fire.  Removing the decomposed granite and restructuring the channel will cost upwards of 3 million dollars.  This is a huge undertaking.

Please join us in praising God for His provision and safety and pray with us as we have tremendous need.
If Glen Eyrie holds a significant place in your heart, please consider giving to this project, allowing The Glen to continue being a place of Life-Changing Encounters for generations to come.

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