Visit the Castle

Visit the Castle

There are so many ways to enjoy Glen Eyrie! Check out the links below!

Join us for a magical afternoon tea at the historic Glen Eyrie Castle. Sip tea and enjoy delicious treats with friends, family or colleagues.

What is the story behind this magnificent estate? Immerse yourself in the history of Glen Eyrie, from General Palmer to The Navigators, with a guided castle tour.

Spend a night at Glen Eyrie!  Experience historic style and modern comfort. 

The Creation Tour is a 90-minute walking tour, inviting you and your family or group to explore Glen Eyrie’s breathtaking grounds and its fascinating geologic markers of creation and the biblical flood.

Come to Glen Eyrie for a high-impact writer's workshop. Grow professionally, spiritually and personally while you learn, write, and play.

We are committed to inviting the public to visit and enjoy Glen Eyrie as often as possible. Please click here for current hiking restrictions, and browse our site for other opportunities to enjoy our property!

Take a break at our bookstore and coffee shop.