Open in full sizeMike Jordahl serves as a Senior Vice President in The Navigators and as a U.S. Field Director.  Mike has been a Navigator since his college days at Illinois State University.  

After three years of post-college work, primarily in management positions, he joined the Navstaff in 1981.  Mike has served in key Collegiate leadership roles, including U.S. Collegiate Director.  He has also served on the National 20s Leadership Team and as Director of CityLife. 

Today, Mike gives oversight to and ensures the collaborative partnering of the Lifelong Laborers Missions of The Navigators (Nav  Neighbors, I-58 Navs, NavWorkplace, Navigator Church Ministries and Navigator Encore).  Mike also oversees our efforts in major US Cities.  

Mike is passionate about empowering men and women to live intentional and missional lives that are rooted in having a vibrant relationship with God.  Mike and Nancy enjoy ministering together and they have three grown sons:  Daniel, Timothy and Peter.